At a kink party

I am off at a kink party as a free use slave, will update when I get back.

My new name

Master has made it so that my new name is Dixie, this is the name that I am having added to my collar. I have been given this name because I am a sissy slave who has such a tiny cock that she may as well be refered to as a girl from now on. I am now refered to as she or her, I am my Masters tiny dicked sissy bitch dog slave who does anything she is ordered to do.

First punishment.

I have just got given my first punishment from Master, I got this for not following an order.

This is what I must do, I must sleep outside like the animal I am, with my clothes covered in shit and rubbish, I must cover myself in newspaper when I do this.

Doing this punishment was tough, I first got clothed and smeared them with shit, I then tipped the contents of a trash bin onto myself. I curled up outside in private, and slept covered in newspaper like that. I thank my Master for this.

Rules That I Must Live By

These are some of the rules that I have currently been given so far by my Master:

Rules that I absolutely must follow:

* In real life, as well as online, Iam to address people as Sir/Ma’am, or Master/Mistress – even if they are younger then me.
* Sleeping on the floor, naked. If possible, I am to sleep under the bed so that I am out of the way of humans.
* Whenever I am inside, I am to be completely naked. I am to strip immediately as soon as I am inside the door if I have to go outside, in preparation for any tasks/dares that my Master or another Master will give me.
* When I do go outside, I am to be completely commando under my clothes, unless otherwise specified. In addition, I will wear a dog/cat collar wherever I go, to remind myself and others that I am owned in every possible sense of the word.
* Unless specified by my owner or another Master, I will eat only dog food – either the tinned or pouch varieties.
* When I pee or poo, regardless of whether I am in public or private, I will collect the waste and eat/drink it right there. For poo, it must be straight from the bowl.
* At home, I am not to sit on any of the furniture- I must always sit on the floor.
* At home, when I need to poo/pee, I am to do it right then and there – toliets are for humans, and I am below the level of a pet.
* If I must shower, then I am to only use cold water, as cold as possible.
* I am not to mastibate, or even touch myself, without permission. Therefore, I will be wearing a chasity belt that will make this rule impossible to break

This post will be updated when my master thinks up new rules for me.

My Pictures

I have updated my picture gallery to include some pictures of me as a puppy. As a puppy, I must be completely naked, except for a leather dog mask and a buttplug tail. Whilst a puppy, I must crawl on my hands and knees, and shit and pee on the floor, regardless of where I am. If I am luckly, my Master will allow me to eat the poo/drink the pee up.

This post will be updated in the future as I am forced to become more animals for my Master’s pleasure.

Being a slave.

This is my first post about being a slave. My Master made me create this blog so I can update it daily as I live under his rules and I do as he says. I will first inform you of my specs.

Male, 20, live in the UK, 2 inch penis.

My likes are: Diapers, pet play, shit, piss, dog food, feet, boots/shoes, humiliation, begging, cum, CBT, body writing, chastity, abuse, whipping, spanking, anal play.

I will do any order that I am given from my Master or other slaves. But my limits are anything illegal, involving family or to do with blood.